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  1. George says:

    An Open Letter to the Wonderful and the Most Respected of All People of Singapore – the Great Men & Women of Hougang and to all my fellow Singaporeans:

    On 26 May 2012, you have the power to create history by giving the Workers’ Party and the Opposition Movement in Singapore, the highest ever votes (make it at least 95% in favor of WP) in the Hougang By-Election. You will stand tall and proud in the eyes of all Singaporeans and your votes at the ballot box will forever be remembered as the Opposition’s “Finest Hour” in the history of Singapore and remembered by future generations of Singaporeans of how the good & wise men and women of Hougang defeated the rich and mighty PAP Ministers and their party! So, please do the right thing and thrash the hell out of Desmond Choo and the PAP. All the people who support the Opposition Movement in Singapore rely on you to deal a knockout blow to the PAP government and to make our voices heard loud and clear.
    The Prime Minister said that an election is a very serious business. What the heck was he thinking when he fielded Tin Pei Ling to stand in Marine Parade, when there were definitely plenty of qualified and better candidates available? Was he taking the residents of Marine Parade for granted or was he doing it out of blind loyalty for his principal private secretary, who incidentally is the husband of Tin Pei Ling?
    The Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean foolishly questioned whether the Workers’ Party were sending their best man, Png Eng Huat in the interests of Hougang residents? Marine Parade residents deserve the best candidate from the PAP in the last General Election. Was Tin Pei Ling the best candidate that the PAP with all its resources and manpower could field? So, tell me did the PAP sent their best woman, Tin Pei Ling in the interests of Marine Parade residents? It will be remembered as the greatest joke in the history of politics in Singapore to put her into Parliament. And why do you DPM not contest in Hougang in this by-election and put your money where your mouth is, by putting forth yourself for this election rather than sending Desmond Choo? You would have gained more respect for your action. And what is Integrity? Integrity means not paying yourself millions of dollars in salary and 26 months bonuses when the majority of Singaporeans are paid peanuts. Integrity means having the conscience not to accept such obscene salaries and doing the right thing by resigning from this government, which is clearly driven by greed of money and not by service, when it is obvious that first world governments do not demand that kind of salaries. Desmond Choo said he will be an independent voice for you in Parliament. Does he think the Hougang voters are fools to believe in such empty words? Remember, many PAP ministers and Members of Parliaments went to Parliament thinking they could be independent voices but look at them today. They are just blind followers of the PAP party with no independent voices of their own.
    PM Lee and Khaw Boon Wan are now urging you,at this last and final hour, to give PAP a chance at Hougang and to start afresh. Did they give you a chance all these years, continually depriving you of your rights to basic amenities which are funded by all taxpayers’ monies? The PAP have ignored you for so long and now they are wanting to just walk in and take over your constituency from the Workers’ Party, who have been giving of their sweat and tears to nurture you and your estate for the past 20 years. Isn’t it shameless for them now to tell you to give them a chance? Where is the integrity the PAP is preaching?
    The PAP of today has become a shameless lot, compared to the PAP of the 60’s and 70’s, with greed and money in the forefront of their minds rather than putting service before self and with a shameless attempt to stifle democracy in Hougang and Singapore. Do you know that Hougang is viewed by the rest of Singapore, except by the PAP leadership, as a very special place and their residents will always be remembered in history as the guardians of democracy in Singapore? Shouldn’t you, in Hougang tell the PAP, come 26 May 2012 in the ballot box, to back off from Hougang once and for all? You people, in Hougang and the Workers’ Party have proven to the PAP and against all odds that you can take care of yourselves; so please do not surrender your pride and do strive to make your estate a shining and a wonderful place and home we all call Singapore for all to see!
    Dear Good and Wise Men and Women of Hougang: This is your moment to hold your heads high and show the PAP that you are not to be pushed around and make it loud and clear to them that your sacrifices were not in vain; and remember allthe unequal treatment you suffered in the hands of the PAP government for the past 20 years, whichwill not be easily forgiven and forgotten and that you have in your hands the power to punish the PAP once again at the polls. At this ‘Final Hour’ you will not be swayed and you shall never surrender your beloved Hougang, after you have held it for the Workers’ Party for so long.Remember, one more opposition voice in Parliament is very important for the Workers’ Party and the Opposition Movement in Singapore to check on the conduct and abuse of power of the PAP, whereas the defeat of the PAP in Hougang is just a number to the PAP. All of Singapore will salute you for your courage and forever remember this day and you, the people of Hougang, will all be rewarded one day for all your years of loyalty.
    Dear fellow Singaporeans who voted for the PAP: Do you in all truth and conscience think that you have been treated justly and well by the PAP and its Ministers whom you have put into power? Instead of taking care and serving to enrich you, you can see that they have enriched only themselves and left only the crumbs to sustain us. They have done extremely well for themselves only.They have become the world’s multi-millionaire ministers not by virtue of any wealth creation ideas and inventions but by performing mundane and glorified caretakers functions and, refusing to declare their wealth and hiding their assets, which are required of all political office holders in the world. The PAP government should be a government for all the citizens after the elections, regardless of the outcome of the polls. They have shown that have not grasped the true meaning of government for the people, especially with the unfair treatment of Hougang in the last 21 years. For this dereliction of duty, the PM and his government would have been forced out in other societies. So, let’s wake up from our slumber and starting this day in history, the 26 of May 2012. make it the beginning of the end for the PAP government and progressively voting in fair and caring politicians for our generation and for our children’s generation. May God help us. Good luck and God bless you all and your family!

    From a fellow Singaporean

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