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LHL versus CSJ: Who Really Is The Biggest Hypocrite of All ?

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PM LHL was quoted as saying that it was ‘completely hypocritical’ of Dr CSJ to look ‘magisterial and benign’ when the latter expressed his opinion that he disagreed with other SDP members who had ‘hit’ PAP ex-MP David Ong ‘as hard as they can’ for his extra-marital affair with a grass root volunteer. He accused Dr Chee of being the hidden hand behind instigating his ‘lieutenants’ to ‘say all the bad things’ about David Ong!

IMO, this accusation against Dr Chee amounts to an assassination of his character. If I may ask, where is the evidence, PM Lee? You are obliged to provide the evidence to substantiate your allegation if you want people to believe what you said. You must be aware that there is no parliamentary privileges for such remarks during a walkabout of Bukit Batok.  Or do you have moles within the SDP reporting to you? Otherwise, it can only be a wild figment of your own imagination that you have created out of thin air in order to justify your smear of Dr Chee’s character in that same statement. As PM and a gentleman, you owe Dr Chee an apology if you are unable to substantiate your allegation.

Further, PM Lee also added that ‘Character never changes…’ which is really very, very rich coming from him since Lee himself was widely reported to have said in May 2006 that he would be ‘thinking what’s the right way to fix them’ if there were ‘10, 15, 20 opposition members in parliament’ and how ‘to buy my supporters vote’. He later apologised, but it was already too late, for the cat is well and truly out of the bag about his own character and intentions towards the opposition. It was a clear unforced Freudian slip that had exposed the Machiavellian streak of his character and personality traits during an unguarded moment – of what he is capable of doing behind the scene or upfront against the opposition. 

1fixing the opposition -lhl

So that is a part of his character, all laid bare by himself, clearly and unequivocally enunciated in his very own words. Unfortunately, again according to his own belief, it could NEVER be changed, no matter what he may do or say subsequently for the sake of damage control!

PM Lee also cast doubt about whether Dr Chee would make a good MP if elected by the voters of Bukit Batok. And again quite blatantly, Lee had said this without offering any tangible scrap of evidence to the voters of Bukit Batok and other Singaporeans. He must really think that Singaporean voters are fools. Of course, he can do this as blatantly and as frequently as he likes since no one from the MSM would dare to gainsay him nor point out that he really had no clothes on, on pains of jeopardizing their rice-bowl.  

In yet another moment of amnesia for which the men in white are infamous, PM Lee had so quickly forgotten about the two MPs (Michael Palmer and now David Ong) who had to be so suddenly jettisoned from their position as MPs (Palmer was at that time also the Speaker of the House) because they had been publicly exposed to have deliberately abused their positions by having extra-marital affairs with the ladies with whom they worked hand in glove (more likely, cheek to cheek) with, as MPs. Essentially, they came, they saw but they could not resist touching.

  2-3 cmp and do-combined

So, is there a better way to judge whether PM Lee is a reliable or dependable judge of character or not, and whether he is omnipotent (like God) and therefore able to tell who would make a good MP or not, than for us to base it on publicly available information, as well as what he himself has publicly said and done?


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