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I am not taking sides but I would expect LWL to reveal what about the editing by ST that she was so unhappy about. It is not in ST’s interest or responsibility to make that call. In any event, LWL who started the ball rolling, would have all the material evidence (emails) of what had gone to and fro between her and the ST editors, to make her case – if she wants to badly enough. The ball is really in her court, as the world awaits.

IMO, if she refuses to do it then her objective for airing her unhappiness in fb is quite plainly to manipulate public opinion in her favour in her tantrum swipe against the ST and it is most definitely not out of any sense of justice or that she really cared for freedom of speech beyond her own self-centred needs. After all, as Janadas Devan has pointed out, the editing has been going on for a decade and she has been happy enough to even collate them into a book to make money. To my mind, she did it basically out of a violated (naïve) sense of self-entitlement, pure and simple. So would she be foolish enough to cut her own nose to spite her own face, notwithstanding her rhetoric about freedom of speech? Any revelation would cut both ways – she has to be careful with that. 

It is apparent her interest in free speech is confined only to HERS alone, i.e. when she perceived HER right to say what she wishes, when she wishes in the ST, is being controlled by some other vested interests above and beyond her own. So the rest of us should really just stand by the side to eagerly watch the pantomime being played out and hope that this jousting match between LWL and the ST would grow (and expose more skeletons). Let’s just wait and see who eventually will be knocked off his/her high horse. It would also be interesting to watch who if any, could step in to mediate (it could be in secret) in the wider interest of the ruling party’s vested interest. Would the Chairman of SPH and a government minister get into a huddle to find an amicable mutually face-saving solution all round?

It may very well be that the ST is privately miffed as it is caught between a rock and a hard place, as on the one hand, it was instructed by ‘upstairs’ to blow up the old man’s one-year death anniversary into a gratuitous 11- page exercise in abject ritualistic genuflection to the dead master so as to be in sync with the government propaganda machinery’s steroid-charged excesses, and on the other hand, the old man’s naive and strong-willed daughter demanding her right to call a spade a spade of what she sees.

If the ST had acceded to LWL’s demand to publish warts and all what she had written, its editorial board would certainly become a laughing stock and be roundly criticized as being Janus-faced; it would also remove all doubts that it is indeed not only an unmitigated running dog but one so completely devoid of every single vestige of corporate will or shame that even a prostitute would despise. This it would never do – made to slap its own face.    

The passing of the old man is like a safety valve that is now let untended as no one else has feet big enough to wear his shoes. This incident and others to come would possibly lead in time to an inevitable blow up, which can only be good for our society. The fact is LKY’s death has left high and dry many institutions that he had once heavily influenced and leaned upon to toe his line, when he was alive. They are now like the eunuchs of the Forbidden City – left to their own devices – after the death of the Empress Dowager. 

It is completely moot if the current PM has his father’s gravitas, personality or political shrewdness to fill the void. 


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