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Is Grace Fu Being Mischievous?

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Who in his right mind would believe that a PAP MP could or would, without an ulterior motive, actually speak up for voters who didn’t vote for the PAP? Really rich, and takes some believing isn’t it ? Contrary to what she says, IMO, it is Grace Fu who owes every thinking Singaporean an explanation for her mischievous remarks.

Seriously, I don’t think Grace Fu is more concerned or bothered about the rights of the voters who voted for Li Lian than for the fact that Li Lian actually has the GUTS, TEMERITY AND INTEGRITY TO REFUSE TO DANCE TO THE FIDDLE OF THE PAP’S PARLIAMENTARY WAYANG, THAT IS THE NCMP SCHEME.

IMO, the reason is more visceral: the PAP simply ‘can’t stand’ anyone who actually has the gumption to defy a cosmetic scheme devised by the PAP’s venerated late leader principally so that the overwhelming PAP dominated parliament wouldn’t look so bad in the eyes of 1st world democracies. Li Lian’s decision, in PAP’s mind, is an affront, and has made the PAP ‘lose face’ and credibility, no doubts about that.

Apparently, in the ruling party’s mindset, beggars cannot and should not be choosers.

Let me see, was Khaw Boon Wan concerned about the well being of the residents of AHPETC when he decided to withhold the TC’s government grant? To my mind, that is one hell of a way for the PAP to show its ‘concern’ for the welfare and well being of residents (including residents who voted for the PAP) of the TC. To my mind, it is nothing more than collective punishment, designed to divide and rule the residents. The real purpose is to stir them up, pitch them against each other. Guess who is calculating to pick up the ‘spoils’ of such a fall-out among fellow-residents of the TC?

As I recall it, the usual and more ‘in-character’ widely reported (father and son) reactions of the PAP is to either use ways and means to make the voters ‘regret’ for replacing PAP MPs with opposition MPs (as publicly proclaimed by the FATHER) or to find ways and means to ‘fix’ political opponents (as publicly proclaimed by the SON).

Seen in this light, therefore, Grace Fu’s remarks in parliament amounts to nothing more and nothing less than a naked, bare-faced hypocrite’s attempt at instigating and rousing the sentiments of voters (and the public) who voted for the WP, against the WP.

I am surprised (actually, not) that the Speaker did not caution her or admonish her from abusing her parliamentary privilege – using the occasion and thereby politicizing the occasion – to attack Li Lian. That would be expecting too much of a ‘ownself check ownself’ system, I suppose.

When I last checked, pigs have not learned to fly.




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