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Stuffing wards with beholden new citizens to win elections?

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A blogger (http://anyhowhantam.blogspot.sg/2015/09/the-punggol-east-fix-how-pap-won-it-back.html ) has come up with some numbers suggesting that at Ponggol East the PAP, through the HDB, has strategically selectively ‘injected’ new citizens into the ward thereby tilting the outcome of voting in favour of the PAP candidate Charles Chong. So indeed it is not the case that there was a spontaneous swing of 12% of Ponggol East voters to the PAP, but rather a highly manipulated and orchestrated win by the PAP using unfair and questionable means?

If this is borne out, it would once again tellingly expose the extent of interference the Singapore Civil Service, i.e., the upper echelons, have been subjected to and politicized (and by the same token, corruptly morphed) into a ‘PAP‘ Civil Service. This would be hardly surprising since Lee Hsien Loong already has his own secretary chairing the electoral boundary committee for starter. What independence of action and decision making can you speak of? Especially not in the light that Lee had not even bothered to inform Singaporeans that he had already initiated and picked the committee of largely anonymous members (to Singaporeans) to work months before breaking the news publicly. Compounding his lack of transparency is the fact that absolutely NOTHING of the proceedings of the boundary committee has been released in the public domain except the fait accompli. One has to suppose that this is how an ‘natural aristocrat’ does his thing?

So classically, the PAP has revised the ‘stuffing the ballot box’ an anti-democratic practice which is illegal, into one of ‘stuffing the ward’ itself with pro-PAP voters (i.e. new citizens who see themselves as being beholden to the PAP govt for giving them citizenship). Putting it crudely, and calling a spade a spade, it was a case of you scratch my back and I would scratch yours.

So apparently unknown to the WP, it went into the hustings period and polling day with the cards already very much stacked against its candidate. Therefore, can one not conclude that Charles Chong’s so called ‘accomplishment’ which Lee Hsien Loong lauded and gave honourable mention to at his post GE speech, is actually a SHAM victory?

If true, I am afraid, the PAP would continue to use this ruse, this abuse, this new weapon added to its already formidable arsenal for stage-managing the GE, to gain the upper-hand against the opposition in all subsequent elections, as don’t forget the population is potentially going to increase going forward to 6.9 million by year 2030. So there will be plenty of beholden eager new citizens available to be injected, with or without gerrymandering, into wards to tip the balance against the opposition. And there are some suggestions already that this figure may even be breached and exceeded before that date.

So, at the end of the day, how can or should true blue Singaporeans effectively show their extreme revulsion for such obnoxious political behaviour and gamesmanship? Any suggestions for the way forward to prevent/save ourselves from being swept away by this immigration tsunami?


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