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A Medishield Life Shock After GE2015 ?

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The very fact that very little has been mentioned by the PAP during the hustings regarding the coming introduction of the compulsory national medical insurance, Medishield Life, is a cause for concern as it suggests that Singaporeans could be in for a RUDE post-GE2015 shock on 1st November 2015 when the scheme comes into effect. I am referring to the compulsory insurance rates that every man, woman and child, would have to cough out to pay – on pains of legal sanction by the law against anyone/parent/guardian who refuses to pay – for the rest of our lives.

It could potentially be a shocker because it is well known that the PAP govt has no intention or inclination to significantly subsidize health care in spite of its high cost to Singaporeans. This, despite the fact that Singaporeans are receiving, among the lowest, if not the lowest, health care subsidies among first world developed countries. Medishield Life would be subsidized and for only four years* from implementation date for only a certain category of Singaporeans, and the rates are subject to changes subsequently, as and when deemed to be necessary. People with pre-existing conditions have to pay 30% more. What are the chances for the rates to be subsequently changed DOWNWARDS? IMO, nil.

*Known as ‘Transitional Subsidies’ which is defined as for those whose net Medishield Life premiums (i.e. after other subsidies) are higher than what their Medishield premiums would otherwise be. The TS is 90% in year one, 70% in year 2, 40% in year 3 and 20% in year 4.

– source: MOH, MediShield Life handbook sent to every household.

By the way, Medishield-Life is only for HOSPITALIZATION. Singaporeans would still have to pay out of their pockets for medical care and treatment when they visit the doctor, including when they require specialist treatment at the hospitals’ Specialist Outpatient Clinics. You could literally cry when you find out at first hand the paltry govt medical ‘subsidy’, for example, the thousands of dollars that cancer patients would STILL HAVE TO PAY from their own pockets for life-giving medicine to sustain their lives. All these are NOT covered.  There are retirees whose CPF  had been completely drawn down to pay for their medical expenses. Sick Singaporeans are known to have avoided medical treatment because they simply cannot afford the doctor’s consultation fee and medication.    

I am quite sure this nasty shock to our pockets would come, especially if the PAP is returned to power with a higher vote count than the 60.1% of GE2011. For then it would be conveniently taken by the PAP as a clear endorsement and mandate of its policies, including Medishield Life, by the majority of voters.  

The opposition needs at least 31 seats in parliament in order to be in a position to block laws and policies that work against the interest of the people of Singapore. In fact, reducing PAP seats to just 44 would effectively block the party from doing whatever it likes in parliament.  This is the bargaining power that all Singaporeans voters should aim to redeem for ourselves in GE2015, in order to prevent the PAP from continuing to ride roughshod over us in the coming decades.

GE2015 is literally the LAST CHANCE we have of getting into parliament opposition MPs who could defend Singaporeans’ interest and be our voice in parliament because a PAP govt, as we have seen, would always put its party’s own interest first before the interest of Singaporeans. The PAP govt has already fast-tracked many foreigners into becoming new citizens for the purpose of GE2015. We would be seeing the impact of this when the votes are counted on the evening of 11 September 2015, just 6 days from now. Do we want to continue to allow the PAP to dominate the govt?

We don’t need to look further than the CPF issues, the open flood gates immigration policy and the 6.9 million population policy to believe that this will continue to be so under a PAP govt. As for the 6.9 million population policy, PAP’s Sim Ann, has already intimated to the effect that even 6.9 million might not be enough for the PAP’s (appetite for low productivity and labour intensive) economic policies!

Therefore, my fellow Singaporeans, please vote wisely on 11 September 2015. Our livelihood, our future and our children’s and their children’s future, are at stake.  


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