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IMO, MP Inderjit Singh just had to go…

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IMO, MP Inderjit Singh just had to go in order to save PM LHL from a tight corner.

Why so?

The reasons are really all too obvious for anyone who has been following the speeches that Inderjit has made in parliament and elsewhere, notably, on his FB account.

Inderjit, being TRUE to his own conscience and principles, would stick out like a sore thumb in the AMK (aka Lee’s) GRC team.

He would have been Lee’s ACHILLES HEEL at the hustings had he not left or was made to leave. One is by no means certain about the real inside story that led to Inderjit’s ‘ouster/dismissal’ (I speculate) from the ‘cabinet slapper’s’ group. But surely there is no apparent reasons why Inderjit should want to leave on his own accord at this point when Lee certainly needs ‘all hands on deck’ to fight what is going to shape up to be perhaps his biggest political battle to date, flying solo, sans the comforting feel of his father by his side.

I said Lee’s fight and not the PAP’s because let’s face it, without his late father, the PAP today is a watered-down run-of-the-mill party and it would not be really too difficult for the opposition parties to walk all over, in a CLEAN electoral battle royale.  The PAP knows this only too well. That alone is the biggest and ONLY reason for this larger than life ongoing nauseous ‘hero’ worshipping of the late Lee gone overboard, if not into lunacy. It is a rabid propaganda machinery gone amuck and let loose on the population.

Apparently, Lee junior and the PAP is exploiting his late father to the hilt as a 护身符hùshēnfú – i.e. an amulet / protective talisman / charm – to the extent of invoking his PRESENCE at precisely 9 am this coming 9 August National Day, perhaps just weeks before GE Day. A secular state? But then surely a very superstitious one.

“Singaporeans to hear Proclamation of Independence in Lee Kuan Yew’s voice on Aug 9 ” – Straits Times

This is on top of a certain showman cum religious leader’s (one with a chequered record, btw) who gamely proffered a public proclamation to the world to the effect that LKY is god-send to save humanity! Alas, it can get as pathetic as this!

Truly, gone are the days when elected PAP MPs are recognized and respected in their own rights as individuals and true representatives of Singaporeans and for Singapore.  But, just look at the current sorry lot populating the ranks of PAP MPs. Except for the rare odd ones, Inderjit Singh among the rare gems, how many more among the rest has demonstrated during these past few years that they are worthy of the title of ‘the people’s representative’? As I have said, apart from the odd rare gem like Inderjit Singh, the rest are little more than 2-dimensional paper cut-outs, perfunctory, make-believe clones making the audacious claim that they are representing the people of Singapore in OUR parliament. It is a travesty and abuse of the parliamentary privileges, process and system. And for all this we have to ‘thank’ the ‘founding prime minister’, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who had done many things right for Singapore and Singaporeans, but unfortunately also quite a few highly significant wrongs, stunting the socio-political growth and climate of this city-state of ours, all for the continuance of his own vested interest of power and political domination.

The situation is so bad that you cannot miss hitting one of these PAPier mache, rubber stamping individuals when a peanut is thrown into the august chambers, particularly on those days when the circus master summons his obedient and compliant herd into chambers for an unanimous ‘I DO’ from the govt’s side, to make a bill, however obnoxious, petty and even anti-people, into law.

But I digress. The topic of this blog is PAP MP Inderjit Singh’s resignation.

Just think about it. Mr Singh must have been a thorn in Lee’s side saying what he did in parliament and on FB and he would most certainly be an absolute embarrassment and liability to Lee, the AMK GRC, and the PAP, especially if he were to share the same stage again with Lee during the coming GE election rallies. Is it possible for Inderjit and LHL to pretend that all that the former had said on record do not exist, or worse, becoming a traitor to himself by distancing himself from his own earlier remarks made cogently and sincerely from his heart about his unhappiness with important policies implemented by his party? Quite a quandary for Lee and Singh, I should think. Is it too difficult to guess what the rally crowds expect Inderjit to touch on in his rally speeches? So, in the end, it is better for Singh to beat a hasty face saving retreat (not his alone).

Surely, Inderjit has done nothing wrong to deserve this ignominious end to his public life as an MP, because voicing out his unhappiness and disagreement with the said policies is the right thing to do as a duty to himself, to his party and to Singaporeans. IMO, it can only be good for the party and the people to have an MP who is unafraid to speak his mind where his conscience leads him, tells him to, particularly in public. This is infinitely superior to the ‘silent, and by inference, complicit, majority’ –a very apt characterization of the vast majority of the PAP MP clones. In fact, I would describe his departure as a personal sacrifice for the sake of his party in order to preserve a semblance of party unity (at what cost?) going into the GE, BUT without a doubt it is a truly great loss to the voters who supported him and perhaps more importantly to all Singaporeans.

The PAP has to learn to handle and cope with internal dissension of this sort, the good sort, or it would eventually perish from a lack of support from good calibre genuine people coming forward and willing to serve the country and its people. By the same token, the fact that Inderjit has to leave is a sure and downright indicator of how politically weak the PAP has become in its resolve under its current leadership.

Inderjit Singh has been silenced. His departure is one sure sign that things can only get worse for Singaporeans, not better, under Lee Hsien Loong’s listless and often rudder-less leadership.

Would the people of Singapore help themselves out of this dilemma in the coming GE? I truly wonder.

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  2. vwyf says:

    sad to say, i agree with your speculation.

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