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Riot In Little India is “an isolated incident” So Said PM Lee, Masagos, Lee Bee Wah and Tin Pei Ling.

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Really? I find the claim made by PM Lee and echoed by the three (so far) MPs, rather premature, but true to form and hardly surprising, to put in mildly.

PM Lee and the three govt MPs must have access to information that no one else has at this point. Otherwise, how could they pronounce in a jiffy with any certainty that it is an isolated incident, implying that it is unlikely, if not impossible, to ever recur? A once in 40 years street riot is still one too many. Earlier, one of his cabinet colleagues had imprudently predicted in reference to the flood as a ‘once in 50 years occurence’ but which has since become an almost regular feature whenever there is a deluge from the heavens. But I suppose it is possible, even if it is going to be heavily taxing on members of the civil service concerned, esp. the officers on the front line, to control human beings, in this case the hundred of thousands of foreign workers in our midst, as compared to telling the heavens NOT to rain on his parade.

It would seem that they, particularly PM Lee who led from the front in making this claim, have already decided and already made up their minds that the riot is an ‘isolated incident’ when the police is still investigating (and has promised to make more arrests in the days following the riot) and notably, LHL himself has just ordered a committee of inquiry to find out the reasons and causes for the riot, and presumably come up with recommendations for the govt to consider. Incidentally, if I am not mistaken, I believe the govt has yet to name the members for the Committee of Inquiry.

In his facebook page, MOM minister Tan Chuan Jin has repeatedly asked Singaporeans, in particular directing it to the opposition parties, I would assume, not to politicized or speculate about the reasons and causes for the incident. IMO, he should direct this piece of good advice to his cabinet colleague, the PM himself, and the three MPs.


It is apparent that by committing himself from his very first statement on the riot that the incident is an ‘isolated’ one, PM Lee has already signaled to the yet to be appointed Committee of Inquiry, the sort of findings he wants to hear. And it is as clear as the sun will rise, that his govt simply cannot and would not countenance any findings and conclusions that would in any way, however slight, implicate his govt’s policy of opening the immigration floodgates to foreigners, that has led to all the concomitant general economic and social malaise very many Singaporeans and Singapore society are currently plagued with, and yes, including the riot in Little India on 8 Dec 2013, as well.

It remains to be seen how imaginative and creative the COI, the police, MOM and other agencies involved, will be, in order to align their findings and conclusions to be in accord with PM Lee’s signal.The one who pays the piper calls the tune, as the saying goes.

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  1. KAM says:

    Singapore people (me included) are not very proficient in using English as the English actually means. When PM Lee said it must be an “isolated” incident, he is technically not wrong. It is the first of its kind in many many years. It is isolated in the sense that it was not related to any other major incidents which have occurred in the recent past. Therefore it is correct to say it is an isolated case.
    He did not say (to my knowledge) that the COI will conclude there are no other mitigating factors besides the drunken man being runned over by the careless driver (or unlucky driver). Many people have suggested Indian workers’ employment and housing issues as ammunition for shooting down the authorities. Some have said it is the social fabric coming loose (I said that). And others will take pot shots all in the name of internet justice.
    Whatever it is, we all know Singapore has lost the bragging rights to call herself the safest city in SE Asia. At least now, they cannot say it so loudly anymore. Govt must wise up. It is a great opportunity to score points or dump points. Only the wise will survive. They are paid millions, so I expect them to deliver. Else please quit while you are still ahead.

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