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Herein, is a poignant reminder for the govt that its highly paid members can still be corrupt or be corrupted in other ways.

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  An extract from Channel News Asia Online, 6 June 2012:

Money alone, no matter how much, is not quite enough.  

IMO, this case and another, hot on its heels, involving the ex-Head of the Central Narcotics Bureau, seem to point to a fallacious belief of the govt that men will live by bread alone. That was the central argument and belief of Lee senior when he first moved in parliament for the payment of astronomical salaries across the board from the PM down to the upper echelons of the civil service.

But it would seem that despite the substantial material rewards,  it is still possible for people in power or vested with power, to stray into the never never. Perversely, and ironically, these two cases hold out the lesson that it may be precisely because of this surfeit of money ‘already in the bank’, in a manner of speaking, that has apparently encouraged them to go astray further afield into demanding favours in ‘kind’, in this instance, sexual gratification.

The scope for corruption can indeed be as wide as there are people in positions of power willing to be corrupt, abetted by those with the means who are willing to give or give in to them. Which is it, we would get to know as the case unfolds in court. Then again, it makes little difference as it always takes two hands to clap.

Therefore, it behooves those who are vested with the power, to appoint with real care and responsibility senior officials into position of public authority and trust, and not to be lured into a sense of complacency that the taxpayers’ dollars would do the ‘trick’ of getting them the best that money can buy.

For our own sakes, let’s hope these two ‘swallows’ do not a summer make.



  1. Kojak Bt says:

    Bro, good one. Ok to repost this on TRE?

  2. Kip2 says:

    You want the 3rd, 4th & 5th & 6th swallows to make the 4 seasons?

    Here’s list :

    1995, PUB deputy chief Choy Hon Tim was convicted of taking nearly S$14 million in kickbacks, plus 25 other corruption charges.

    2002, EDB officer Andrew Goh Keng Guan who took S$380,000 in bribes from Chinese nationals to help them process their applications for permanent residency, was jailed for 26 months. He faced 7 charges of corruption.

    2011, MHA clerk Liew Chee Meng on 455 fraud charges and took $600,000

    2010 SLA Koh Seah Wee found guilty of defrauding the government of more than SG$12m while driving Lamborghini fast car.

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