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The Real Devil…

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Extract from an Asia One Report on Desmond Choo:

SINGAPORE – People’s Action Party candidate for Hougang, Mr Desmond Choo, said Hougang residents should focus on who can serve them better for the next four years…

He was referring to the furore that erupted…

 He told reporters on Thursday afternoon: “I know that there have been many comments regarding NCMP and other issues surrounding this, I thought that enough has been said, it is important to focus on the real issue at hand, which is about the two candidates, and selecting one that will serve them for the next four years.”

He added: “Let’s not lose focus, it is really about the residents, and they have to make that call.”

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Well said Choo, BUT…

In the manner he puts it, it never seemed to bother Choo’s conscience one bit that the  ‘furore’ was the handiwork of his own party leadership in support of him against his opponent. And it is happening even as he went around wrapping Hougang residents’ hands with both of his own. (Had it ever occurred to him that some people, esp. the ladies, would have serious objection and reservation about this ‘handshake’ of his. )

The irony of this dichotomy is impossible to miss.

Did he even bother to consider that people would expect him to be able to tell his leaders to desist from such behaviour since he had stated from the word ‘go’ that he wanted to run the campaign his way.  HIS way has obviously been hijacked by DPM Teo!  The way things are panning out, his credibility is in serious jeopardy.

How lame can you get even if this is politics?

This whole grotesque Jekyll and Hyde wayang is pure unadulterated Hypocrisy in action.

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