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Honestly, let’s see how honest the PAP govt has been with Singaporeans…

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Honestly, let’s see how honest the PAP has been with Singaporeans…

For the record:

GIC and Temasek losses – have the people received an honest report from the govt on how these two agencies managed to incur such  humongous losses of our National Reserves?

Construction cost of HDB flats – first addressed in Parliament by former Potong Pasir MP Chiam See Tong to then National Development Minister, Teh Chiang Wan, several decades ago. Up to today, Singaporeans are still waiting for an honest answer from the govt.

HDB public housing built with taxpayers’ money, but sold back at a ‘discount’ on prevailing market prices to the taxpayers. How honest a practice is that?

The GRC was introduced by the govt in 1988 for the ostensible ‘noble’ objective of ensuring the representation in Parliament of minority races. But it grew from a GRC team of  three to as high as six member teams in 1997. It was subsequently openly admitted by the govt that the GRC is a convenient electoral tool to bring into Parliament its own party’s newbie members (who otherwise would not stand a chance of being elected on their own standing or merits) on the coat tails of  ministers helming the GRCs. Some of these instant PAP MPs could not make a decent rally speech even if their lives depended on it. How blatantly honest is that?

Gerrymandering – redrawing electoral  boundary lines immediately before each General Election to ensure its own victory. Is this the act of an honest govt who professes to believe in parliamentary democracy.?

Implementing laws that would make it illegal for even ONE person to stage a street protest. And making it illegal for people to even make video record of such protests. Honestly, on what security and law and order grounds are such laws justifiable, except in a leadership out to suppress dissenting voices?

Refusing Dr Chee Soon Juan who was prosecuted and made a bankrupt by govt leaders for politically motivated reasons to travel overseas to attend perfectly legitimate overseas conferences to which he has been officially invited, or even to attend to personal affairs, but allowing ex-NKF boss Durai who was convicted of corruption and made a bankrupt to take on an overseas job and allowed to move in and out of the country at will. Dr Chee is an opposition party leader while Durai was a much govt ‘decorated’ ex-poster boy until his crime led to his downfall. So how honest is this double standard in the application of the law?

Feel free to add on to the list.


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