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Desmond Choo’s bye-election ‘campaign’ is running out of steam?

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When you cannot get the ball you go for the player.

This foul is an all too familiar tactic used on the soccer pitch by players desperate to stop their opponents from scoring. There is no better analogy than this to describe what Teo Chee Hean has resorted to in his latest rally speech. His character assassination attacks on the WP and especially its candidate, Png, is unbecoming and shocking and could very well back fire on his own party’s candidate, Choo.

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It is disconcerting how desperation in politics will drive even incumbent high office bearers to resort to such low behaviour. Extrapolating from this, it surely casts a lot of doubts on the objectivity and integrity of cabinet members in their decision making which affects the everyday lives of Singapore and Singaporeans? Party first before country and people? Who knows?

Teo has clearly forgotten the many rookie PAP MPs who waltzed into Parliament via the GRC backdoor including some greenhorns who even made it to cabinet ranks completely untested, politically?! And we have already seen how ‘good’ they are.

And how good are they really sans the huge party and govt machineries place at their disposal so that they – hopefully – would not falter and fall? The same goes for all the rest of the govt MPs, some of whom have the knack of putting their foot into their mouth by making unforced errors.

By the way, can we ever forget PAP’s erstwhile candidate for Hougang, Eric Low? He certainly seems to be lying low! He was deemed spent ammunition and had to be replaced by Desmond Choo in GE2011 who of course fared no better. To me that is telling of the calibre of people who join the PAP.  Eric must have felt like a damned fool. All for nothing that money spent on abalone porridge! Maybe, he didn’t have to foot the bill? Did Teo reflect on the implication and meaning to voters of Eric Low’s ‘retirement’ and ‘discharge’ by the party from his Hougang candidacy when he went out of his way to deride Png?

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Of course, one should not be too surprised really, given the PAP penchant for indulging in such underhand cow-brain tactics, refusing to learn that such behaviour would only boomerang on them at the ballot box given today’s discerning and enlightened voters (thanks to the Internet). Do we not recall the voters’ wrath incurred by one eye doctor of a GRC for the cheap shot he tried to pull in GE2011? That, and the lesson of Aljunied, indigestible as they were to the PAP, seemed to have been well forgotten.

Even PM Lee’s recent BE speech just the day before is a veiled threat to the Hougang voters albeit camouflaged in sugar coated words but which nevertheless was intended to have the same effect as the direct ‘or else’ threat by his father, Senior Lee, to the voters of Aljunied GRC on the eve of electoral defeat of the PAP Aljunied GRC candidates, led by George Yeo. Truly, two of a kind. When the PM himself comes down to offer you sweets, the voters of Hougang should be very careful of what’s inside the wrapping!

Well the voters had certainly given a resounding slap in reply to the old man. But it would seem that the lesson has not been learned. Maybe, it would seep in better this time round when the son feels the smarting on his cheek on the evening of 26 May 2012.

At bottom is the fact that the govt is slyly attempting to draw the attention of the Hougang voters, and that of the Singapore voters at large, away from current and substantive issues besieging the country – such as the high inflation, extreme income disparity, high housing cost, depressed wages, the thoughtless immigration policy which is responsible for many of the common folk’s woes, MRT fiasco, once in 50 years Orchard Road flood, sky high COE, etc, the list goes on – where the govt has only red marks to show on its report card. It is noticeably silent on the promises it made at GE2011 because it has actually done precious little in concrete terms as it has very little sincere intention or commitment to live up to them, after they have crossed the bridge. Words are cheap after all, esp. going by the record of the senior Lee.

The govt obviously dares not to repeat the promises made at the GE at the BE rally since it would be inviting trouble,criticism and cross-examination by the WP and voters.  Therefore, instead of the Pandora box, it has to resort to this sort of irrelevant hot air and irrelevant distraction we now hear. Firing blanks – that is really all that Lee and Teo were doing during their BE rally speeches so far.

The PAP is painfully too aware of where its soft underbelly is! One hopes that the WP would be astute enough to catch on and capitalize on them to set the Hougang voters alight in the next few days to deliver a resounding victory to the WP on 26 May 2012. The PAP should not only be beaten at Hougang, it should be roundly thrashed and handed a lesson it would not forget for a long time.

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