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Is the govt serious about keeping issues ‘local’ in the Hougang bye-election?

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Is the govt serious about keeping issues ‘local’ in the Hougang bye-election? Then why is Mr Khaw muttering this gibberish about the prospects of WP ‘ministers’ and their being ‘sacked’ or ‘quitting’, and how ‘difficult’ it would be for the WP to ‘run a country’? Are these local issues in Hougang for Hougang residents to contemplate at this BE? Or, are those words part of the scare tactics, not that it is effective in any way, like old wives tales used to keep little children in line?

Maybe before he carries on in this vein, Mr Khaw should ponder upon what it was like in the early days of his party – the intrigues, the clandestine ops, the collusion, conspiracy and double-cross behind the scene.  Did it stop the PAP from forming a govt? Was the PAP paralyzed in any way?  He should know better than to be throwing stones.

But it may also be a Freudian slip of what’s playing at the back of his mind – about his party’s prospects in the longer term beyond Hougang SMC and Aljunied GRC. For it is indeed worrying Mr Khaw, this prospect of losing political monoploy. But surely it is only too clear that he is projecting his fear and his burden of facing yet another defeat at Hougang, on the Hougang voters. But, he is not fooling anybody.

Singapore and Singaporeans DO NOT need yet ANOTHER govt MP to warm the seats in Parliament. The plain fact is, there is already an overcrowding of govt MPs in the House, so much so that other folks with alternative and sometimes better ideas and takes on issues that beset our society, cannot get a word in, edgewise. That can’t be good for a country, for any country, or people.

The Almighty gives every individual a mind so that he may think and decide for himself. This may of course be unfamiliar territory for members within the PAP’s ranks.


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