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Look, who is throwing stones…

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“ The WP first kept totally silent, then supported Mr Yaw, and then three weeks later suddenly expelled him from the party. Until now the WP has not given Singaporeans a full and proper account of what happened, or why it acted in this way. Mr Yaw himself has said nothing, either to explain or to apologise for his behaviour,…”

 Facebook Statement by PM Lee on By-Election for Hougang Constituency.

So says our PM Lee in yet another public display of amnesia that’s endemic in the PAP top leadership echelon.

But, every bit of his FB entry above on Yaw parallels the behaviour of his own father, the Senior Lee, and his own wife, Mdm Ho, at the height of the toxic investment debacle still vivid in the memories of many Singaporeans that resulted in the loss of untold and unknown hundreds of billion of our hard earned National Reserves.

Up till today, Singaporeans are still waiting for the govt to come clean, to own up, to give us a full and proper account of what happened. Lee Senior and Mdm Ho had said nothing either to explain or to apologise for the colossal loss.

What is Yaw’s private indiscretion, when compared to the govt’s  failure to be accountable to the public for the horrendous loss of public money?


 “In the Budget in February we followed up with effective schemes to help the poor, the elderly and the disabled. We are also upgrading our companies’ and workers’ skills, so that our economy can grow and Singaporeans can improve their incomes year by year.”

Facebook Statement by PM Lee on By-Election for Hougang Constituency


It may sound a little like looking a gift horse in the mouth. But truth be told, the govt had not embarked on all these schemes on its own volition – it was forced and goaded into them post-GE 2011 from the realization that it could lose even more votes in GE 2016. In my books, that’s doing the right thing for the wrong motivation. Is there a genuine change of heart? But at this juncture what is clear is that it is all driven by a hard realization that it could even lose power further down the road.

Naïve voters could be lured into the belief that the leopard is finally changing its spots. But these are really still early days. What Lee mentioned about the schemes to help needy Singaporeans are long long overdue and had never before been intended to figure on his govt’s radar screen until the GE2011 wake up call.   Therefore, at this point I would say it would be foolish not to wait and see if the new found ‘humanity’ of the govt is not a classic ploy of the devil citing scripture for its own purpose.

There is a lesson that all voters ought to learn and learn it well, and that is to TEACH the govt not to take them for granted.


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