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Better to be hanged for a sheep than for a lamb?

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Man jailed for stealing S$32 from mosque
Updated 06:40 PM Jan 19, 2012

SINGAPORE – A 40-year-old man was sentenced to a year’s jail today for stealing S$32. -Today online, 20 Jan 2012

If I may, an advice for the govt: If you want this person not to steal again,  consider giving him a job and consider a law for minimum wages. Consider putting him and his handicapped mother on some long term financial help scheme until his release and able to secure a proper job with decent wages.

(Wait a minute what am I talking… in fact we already have a minimum wage policy, but it is only restricted to Ministers!)

The law may want to punish offenders to discourage crime, even petty ones, even disproportionately, but a RESPONSIBLE AND CARING GOVT would see to it that his dependents, his handicapped mother, is not punished also for the son’s crime. Allowing his mum to suffer the son’s consequences is like saying she deserved to be punished also for the son’s wrong doing. Is that justice? She is like the infamous Americanism known as ‘co-lateral damage’.

Would the opposition party please bring it up in parliament, for a law that would make it responsible, based on the merits of each case, for govt helping agencies to come in to render help? To those who think that this is like encouraging people to offend, please consider the circumstances and the fact that the affected person is not a criminal but a citizen who has a right to be help based purely on his/her plight.  In ancient China and other countries too, the whole extended family got the chop, quite literally! But, we are not ancient anymore, are we?

Would the mosque accept a donation on behalf of his mother from members of the public who want to help the old lady? The man has committed a crime and is paying for it, whatever the mosque’s view – and I do respect it’s view as someone who believe in a multi-racial and multi-religious society – would it be willing to be a party of any effort to help the mother, who has become a true victim of circumstances?

Happy Lunar New Year!

And if the hat fits, a prosperous one, as well.


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