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Caring for Community Cats

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Homeless cats and dogs are the result of the callous attitude of some irresponsible pet owners among us. They abandoned the animals on the streets and void decks for all sorts of reasons.

My family recently became volunteer community cat lovers and through it we learn some great lessons about love and care for our fellow creatures whose plights are absolutely no fault of theirs. Through caring and feeding them we learnt that like people cats do have their own personalities and characteristics, and they can be so very loveable and likeable creatures. We also learnt how terribly FRIGHTEN and COLD cats, esp. kittens, can become in the midst of a roaring thunderstorm out in the open , taking refuge under a car or in a wind and rain swept void deck!

Watching a starving and thirsty homeless cat ravenously and gladly lapping up the simple food and water you bring is, without exaggeration, a very edifying moment for us.

Responsible community cat lovers would ensure that their ‘charges’ are properly treated at the vet’s – spayed or sterilised, de-ticked/de-fleaed etc. And the treatment/medication can be quite costly.

Cats are discreet creatures and have good toilet habits – they do their business, as far as possible, in a grass patch away from common passage/path ways, and they even try to cover up their poop wherever possible by throwing dirt or vegetation over it!

Community cat lovers/feeders have to be really quite responsible and helpful people. Responsible care giving includes clearing and/or cleaning the area after feeding, and making sure they are fed only properly prepared cat food -from the pet shop or supermarket shelves – and the occasional treat of freshly steamed fish. Gently stroking/massaging the fur would help to calm a nervous or warm a frigid cat on a stormy night.

Community cat lovers/feeders are volunteers who have willingly gone out of their way, incurring time and expenses, ‘on behalf’ of those owners who have irresponsibly discarded their pets. The issue of strays would not exist if they have acted more responsibly towards their pets and the community.


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