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Mr Singh, are you not also just saying that because of signals from the Top?

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“Speaking at the PAP Convention Sunday morning, Mr Inderjit described Singapore’s policy making as mainly top down.

He said this is largely driven by civil servants who formulated and justified policies with facts and figures to convince the ministers to get them approved.

He added not much of the ground input was considered.” – Inderjit Singh, at PAP Convention, as reported by CNA

But, it is for once, a little refreshing and nice for Singaporeans to hear a govt MP daring to confirm, albeit at a rather inconsequential and ‘safe’ venue and occasion, what must have been pretty obvious and well known to even the most apathetic, apolitical citizen, regarding the PAP’s governing style of top-down aka forced-down-your-throat policies, policy changes and edits. Everytime, it would be put across as bitter medicine ‘for your own good’ – measures that invariably trash our RIGHTS and deplete our POCKETS.

Mr Singh, many Singaporeans would be more impressed, more convinced, and feel that you are being more sincere, if you would only dare to repeat those same words IN PARLIAMENT, itself, and get them debated by your fellow MPs.

It would be truly groundbreaking then!

That, IMO, Mr Singh, would be a greater measure of the real man in you and your colleagues.



  1. Bekko says:

    Whatever speeches that has been made at the PAP Convention will not change my vote for the Opp. The win by WP at Aljunied GRC and their MPs bringing up relevant issues in Parliament, has forced PAP to acknowledge policies that were wronged and needed to be changed.

    What the voters need to do in the next GE is to vote in a few more GRCs especially under WP candidates to keep PAP always on their toes.

    This can only be good for Singapore and its citizens

  2. Roger Tan says:

    I believe Mr Singh has hit the nail on its head. He will be an excellent role model for the young batch of MPs that came in this GE and inspire them to always speak for Singaporeans and the truth. He has consistently been bringing up thorny and sensitive issues in parliament, be it on foreign workers, cost of living and doing business, the growth at all costs policy or championing an even playing ground for SMEs. Keep it up Mr Singh!

    • thetwophilo says:

      Mr Singh has not said anything that is new or not already obvious to Singaporeans. I can see that he is in the minority among the PAP MPs but I am not surprised since it is typical PAP MP calibre of being inward looking and looking out mostly for themselves only – their prime reason for being where they are. It is a measure of the sort of quality that the PAP consistently look for to select their candidates BECAUSE THE CHANCES OF SUCH MPS GETTING TOGETHER FOR ANY SINGLE CAUSE TO PRESSURE THE LEADERSHIP OR STAGE AN INTERNAL COUP TO OUST LEADERS IS GOING TO BE HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

      Singaporeans should learn to look at things more ‘strategically’. With due respect, piecemeal knee jerk response like yours only go to show your naivete.

      Would you not agree that Singh at best is like another Tan Cheng Bock and we know how far the latter was able to progress?

      Would we be presumptuous to actually believe at this point that the PAP is already ‘transformed’? IMO, it’s early days yet and I would suggest we not be too hasty in concluding that the PAP leopard is starting to change its spots. It’s premature. It’s prudent to wait and see and look for something more systemic and concrete to show.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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