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The Battle Ground

If LHL really meant what he said and if we want to hold him and his govt to his words, there is but only ONE course of action and requirement that would do! It is namely the timely release of info and data to Singaporeans.

What do I mean? Well, the govt and the civil service as a matter of routine procedure plan WAY AHEAD -something the general public hears about now is more than likely to have been on the govt’s drawing board years ago, even decades, if it is some long term plan.

Don’t believe me? Well, the Bukit Brown road is a case in point – how many people had even paused to think when it was first announced that the circle line includes a stop at Bukit Brown?

Obviously, you don’t build facilities or plan for it unless there is a foreseen need for ‘it’. The ‘BB’ station is certainly not meant for some ‘ghoulish’ travel plan for some of our forefathers long interred there! Now, that brings to mind too the Bidadari Cemetery, viz., its Circle Line station’s (Woodleigh) eventual and subsequent opening recently and before that the mass exhumation. It’s truly a wonder that all such events and issues didn’t ring (ALARM) bells at the time they should, when first publicly announced! Truly, Singaporeans must be terribly so busy, so focused on making a living and other stiffs, oops, I mean stuffs. Why are interest/interested groups and individuals only just now making what sometimes seems to be rather obsequious and disingenuous noises about the looming excavation at Bukit Brown, just another one of our ancestral burial grounds that is the latest in the ‘series’ to ‘go’? .

The question any thinking person should ask is: Why didn’t all those apparently concerned parties or individuals raise ‘hell’ about the issue long ago, much earlier when it was staring them right in their faces? So, can the public take their ‘noises’ now, at face value or seriously? Or, are some in civil society such pathetic thinkers that they can’t see or project the ‘rocket’ coming their way?

Or, is it all about making an APPEARANCE or feigning concern for their respective target audiences? That’s cowardly, IMO, knowing full well the futility, and in the process, hiding their own sorely emasculated bargaining power vis a vis the govt.

In particular, I have doubts about the sincerity or authenticity of the Taoist association’s suddenly resurrected concern. What is the intention of ex-TOC’s Andrew Loh’s timely blog replete with pictures (at least one of which IMO requires some forensic skills and equipment to restore which I am surprised he has access to) and researched details about the grave of an ancestor of LKY and LHL?


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  1. Simon Says says:

    So what’s your point? That after some dusting and cleaning up, someone realized these tombs belong to the almighty elites such as the LEE & TAN presidents ancestors, and suddenly they make all these loud cries for conservation? That even after deaths, these are elite spirits?

    Frankly, I think that is a possibility too.
    While I support conservation, I wonder what makes this BBC more special than the others in the past, not to have any bias preference. This topic needs more debate.

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