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Is the Paya Lebar CCC guilty of an offence under the Sedition Act?

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In the report below (in red), Mr Chen Show Mao, a newly elected MP of the Aljunied GRC, has been informed by the organizers of a Seventh Month dinner event that the Paya Lebar CCC has designated him, an elected Member of Parliament, a persona non grata for all events carried out on premises under its control!

The organizers were also warned by the CCC that should they persist in their ‘errant’ ways of inviting the MP, they can say goodbye to being allowed to use the CCC-controlled premises in all future events!

To my mind, this places, Mr Chen, a legally and popularly elected representative of the people of the Aljunied GRC, in a status BELOW even that of an ordinary citizen!

I am no expert on the law of sedition. But, reacting as a layman, it is quite clear that the reason and circumstances under which Mr Chen has been grievously discriminated against and ostracized is due to the fact that he is an opposition Member of Parliament. The CCC’s action is therefore a blatant, repulsive and deplorable act of INFAMY, which I firmly believe the AG Chambers is duty-bound to direct the police to investigate if indeed an offence has been committed by the CCC members with respect to the Sedition Act (Section 3-(1)(a)(d) and (e)) (details below) as well as for blackmailing (the members of the Seventh Month organizing committee) and abusing the privilege and authority vested in them by the People’s Association (PA) to carry out a function on its behalf. Have we forgotten that the PA is funded by the taxpayers, including Singaporeans who voted for the opposition and the opposition MP themselves?

The full text of the report is as follows:

Quote: The Paya Lebar Citizen’s Consultative Committee warned organizers that if they are “errant” by letting the MP attend, they will be rejected for future events.

Chen Show Mao Barred From Attending 7th Month Event

Chen Show Mao, a Worker’s Party Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC, was “disappointed” when he was told by organizers for a Seventh Month dinner that he could no longer attend the event, he said in a Facebook note.
The reason was apparently because the CCC would only approve the use of the venue if the MP was no longer invited. “Errant” organizers who disobey will be rejected for future events. ”The organizers were profusely apologetic,” said Show Mao. Unquote.

According to the sedition act:

Left click mouse to enlarge pic

And according to the act, the intention of the offender is IRRELEVANT for the purpose of proving that an offence has been committed, as long as the committed act is considered seditious under the law:

Left click mouse to enlarge pic

The note from the Seventh Month Organizing Committee apologizing for being blackmailed into ‘disinviting’ Mr Chen:

Left click mouse to enlarge pic

It certainly looks like that the message from PM Lee regarding a re look into how his party engages has not trickled down to its grassroots to date, almost four months after the GE.

OR is it already back to business as usual?



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  2. Kute Steiner says:

    The PM LHL should really look into this.

    As this will breed discontent and hidden anger even more as time progresses.

    Is the PAP trying to make themselves even more un-popular. Seems this is the only think they think it is all right to do!

  3. Truth says:

    These are signs of a despotic government. The old man has never fought fair and won. Always up to unscruplus means to get rid of any opposition. What do you expect from his disciples and progeny. This is proof that power corrupts, unless we do something about this we will have ultimate corruption, if it is not already happening

  4. useless president says:

    PM Lee and his father, the Ex Minister Mentor had been calling on Singaporeans to work together to create a better Singapore all these years.
    And yet we have Singaporeans defying their(the Lees) calls.
    Indeed, the PM and MP Lee Kuan Yew must look into the matter.


  5. Conspire says:

    Kute Steiner,

    The PM is the chairman of PA and he is all along looking at this. The people at the bottom, including that Phua lady, are followers. Without any nods from the top, they do not have the guts to carry out their duties so ‘diligently’. Will we be very wrong to say that there is a conspiracy here?

  6. Leong says:

    It seems our laws are created not for our PAP leaders to follow :
    XX m of any Voting centre; NS disruption; Cooling day off; Threats against voters, Angpows before Election Day; Clans & Unions involved in politics; etc., and now last but not least : Invitations to PAP MPs can, non-PAP MPs cannot.

    WTF, PAP.

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  8. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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