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No doubt about it, MM Lee is feeling the heat of the competition from the WP over its challenge for the Aljunied GRC. If his words as reported in the Straits Times impressed you as being intimidating, it is not your imagination.

Indeed, he had just delivered a (scantily clad) veiled threat to the voters of Aljunied GRC that if they dare to do the ‘unthinkable’ (from PAP’s interest viewpoint) the PAP govt would surely punish the voters by denying and curtailing its services and support to all wards under the GRC if they ever dare to kick out the PAP. To be sure, MM Lee did not say it in so many words, but the subtext is pretty obvious and clear: “Vote for Low and his WP team and PAP will bring forth fire and brimstone upon the population there, never mind if some were his party’s supporters, they are necessary co-lateral damage for its cause, their interest would have to come second to the interest of the ruling party.”

Given the track record of the PAP govt in its treatment of opposition-held Hougang and Potong Pasir SMCs, one can take it that he means business. His PAP govt has had decades of experience and practice in how to maltreat and mistreat such wards.

But, I feel all this is passé or in the process of becoming passé. Just as MM Lee himself would in due course also become passé. To fail to see and therefore resist the urge to indulge oneself in tactics of intimidation in a politically maturing Singapore electorate that is gradually, surely and irrepressibly coming of age, would ultimately be the ruling party’s own undoing. It could die by its own hand.

It has been said of military generals, that they often prepared their troops to fight the LAST war.

Also, the way I see it, voters of Aljunied GRC should have every confidence that the very ‘Hougang-experienced’ Low and his team members who are all experienced and accomplished in their own rights, would prove to be more than equal and capable of the task of running the Aljunied GRC town council successfully.

It bears repeating that the WP at Hougang did not suffer the huge losses that were incurred by a number of PAP-run town councils which had exposed their funds, accumulated from dues collected from residents, to toxic investments. Now, how’s that for just one of the reasons to take MM Lee’s boasts with a big pinch of salt?

Conveniently, this had slipped his mind when he issued his latest threat. Perhaps he has not been keeping up to speed as had happened in the furore over his uncalled for and out of date remarks about Malay Singaporeans?

Then, what about the grand daddy of issues, of even greater national significance and importance, of the hundreds of billions of dollars of losses suffered by our national reserves which MM Lee and Mdm Ho, his daughter-in-law, are responsible for? They still are in charge, notwithstanding their ineptitude! 

MM Lee is surely referring to ACCOUNTABILITY when he inveighed Aljunied GRC’s voters and residents. Well how accountable, what model of accountability, has he been setting for the rest? Up to this very moment, the ‘ginormous’ losses of the national reserves have not been properly explained and accounted for by the Lees to Singaporeans. So who is he to tell the voters of Aljunied GRCs what to think or do?

I would go one step further to say that if the opposition parties win big on 7 May 2011 by taking over two-three other GRCs on top of Aljunied (e.g. Marine Parade, Tampines and Holland-Bukit Timah) and some SMCs, or perform even better, they together would have the critical mass to operate their TCs cost-effectively and successfully through economy of scale and close collaboration.

This is an extremely good reason for the opposition to go all out to secure the seats they are contesting. Voters who can see the need to roll back the moribund domination of the PAP should cast their votes without fear to deliver the critical mass of opposition MPs into Parliament on 7th May 2011.

MM Lee is clearly feeling rattled by the strength of the competition and the verve of the challenge posed by the opposition parties. Before he resorts to more name-calling and hypocritical criticism of the other political parties again, there is something that he can do and ought to do, and that is, he should look at his own reflection in the mirror first.


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N.B. The author has no affiliation with any political party. He was an admirer of the PAP until it became evident that it has changed beyond recognition and no longer bear any semblance to the party that he had originally once admired. He feels it his duty to point out that the country is going down the drain if current trends continue unarrested



  1. Xmen says:

    Come election time and you know who’s calling the shots. Where is LHL? Doesn’t he have something to say when MM and SM are taking over the campaign?

    Fortunately for Singaporeans, the more noise the MM makes, the brighter the prospect for the opposition parties!

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