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Beware, The Night of the PAP ‘Daggers’: 6 May 2011

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Mediacorp has announced the following two dates for the Party Political Broadcast:
28 Apr 2011
6 May 2011


It also announced the ‘format’ for the broadcast without details beyond that only political parties with at least six candidates would be given TV and radio times and the one with the largest number of candidates will have the last say,  i.e. would speak last.

There are a couple of issues with this from past experiences:

1. The ‘formula’ used to determine the time allocation appeared to be completely arbitrary, but is plainly loaded against the opposition parties. One can still recall the very rushed looks on opposition parties’ representatives like Chiam See Tong, who barely had enough time to squeeze in a coherent message to voters.

Why should this be the case? The GE is about ALL OF US and
the parties willing and wishing to represent us in parliament. All of them deserve a fair hearing by us, the people. We are voting for OUR parliament.

2. If there is any decency, any sense of fairplay in the PAP, it should be instructing Mediacorp to work on the basis of allowing the smallest party i.e. the one with the least time ‘entitlement’ the time and space it requires to read out a precisely written message focused on its highest priority in the GE, and to apply multiples of that to the rest of the political parties, including the PAP. With this method, the ruling party may well end up with significantly more time than the rest. Be that as it may, it is their privilege as the ruling party that surely no one would begrudge.

But if the broadcast would be a repeat of the past, then it is a no-brainer to conclude that PM Lee’s promise to ‘fix the opposition’ is very much alive! You have to give it to that man that he will keep his words!

3. My next point is even more serious. The ruling party is apparently breaking its own election laws which it enacted only months earlier. Cooling off day, which is on the eve of polling day, was supposedly to ‘allow’ the electorate the time to think carefully before they cast their vote the next day instead of being ‘unduly’ influenced by the final push of political parties. All electioneering and political activities are banned under the pains of punishment and sanction by the law. But yet paradoxically the second and last party political broadcast is scheduled for that day, 6 May 2011. The PAP being the largest party will be taking the lion’s share of this time slot. 

Go, form your own conclusion what the PAP message could be – to bad-mouth the opposition without any opportunity for them to reply (is there a rule made against this in the format?) or threaten or sweet talk or beguile the electorate into giving it five more years of ‘party first, people second‘ self-serving rule?

On my part, if I find that the unfair and unpatriotic practices of the ruling party persist, I shall impose self-censorship, black out its message by the simple expedience of switching-off my TV. Seeing and hearing no evils.



N.B. The author has no affiliation with any political party. He was an admirer of the PAP until it became evident that it has changed beyond recognition and no longer bear any semblance to the party that he had originally once admired. He feels it his duty to point out that the country is going down the drain if current trends continue unarrested.




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  2. Anon says:

    the ruling party has always used the last minute just before midnite of polling day where they would stuff leaflets or handouts explaining why voters should elect them. It would be tough for the alternative parties to mount such a midnite counter attack on the ruling party tactics because of their lack of manpower, money and finding a printer at the last minute. haiz…

    • thetwophilo says:

      With the Cooling-off Day law in place now such an act would be breaking the law, i.e. it would be illegal. All voters who received such leaflets and handouts are advised to report this to the police, maybe even bring it to the attention of foreign journalists or newsgroup covering the polls for good measures. There is every reason to believe that the local news media may ignore or refuse to report this as they are partisan towards the ruling party.

  3. syafiq06 says:

    I have done so by stopping subscription to any local MSM. Today is still delivered to me free of charge and I have no way to stop it. I simply collected it to sell for some pocket money. This is perhaps the subsidy from the MSM for my morning coffee.

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