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Why Opposition MPs Are Value-For-Your-Money

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It makes complete sense for Singaporeans to vote in just under 50% of the parliament seats for the opposition. The maths is a simple one: We all know very well by now that the PAP MPs are all there to rubber stamp their party’s policies, good or bad, for or against, the people. They are yes-men and yes-women, they are in parliament to make up the numbers, like dogs in the mangers they occupy seats to exclude genuine opposition politicians. They make LITTLE TO NO DIFFERENCE as far as improvement to the lot and lives of the majority of Singaporeans are concerned, quality of debate, or quality of PAP frontbench policies.

Our experience has taught us that very rarely in the history of the Singapore Parliament under the Lees has PAP backbenchers ever add-value or have a will or mind of their own where it matters most. They have always been under the control of the party whip, which, well literally, have always been WHIPPING them into submission to the frontbenchers – the ministers. So much so that the de facto PAP slogan seems to be “party first, people second”.

Now imagine, if we now VOTE IN 43 OPPOSITION MPs. (Let PAP have its quota of 44 of their docile MPs in parliament.) The change in value for money, the value added, is immediately evident! For the same price that we pay for the subservient, whip-controlled, rubber- stamping. group thinking, 43 nondescript PAP MPs – we will instead have 43 value for money, vigilant, active, hardworking, hardhitting, scrutinizing and questioning, dare-to-say-no, opposition MPs, whom we can depend on to show us what the PAP govt would rather let us, whom they are supposed to serve, not know or be told, or the hidden proviso/agenda of any law or policy they want to introduce.

The opposition MPs would keep in check and balance, the habit of the PAP govt of riding roughshod over us with policies that give low or no priority to Singaporeans, esp. those who would be adversely affected. The 43 opposition MPs would be working very, very hard indeed (virtually guaranteed that they would) because they would want to continue to serve in parliament by being returned at the next GE and next and next, and also fulfill the logical ambition of  forming the next govt with the PAP in opposition! That would be the opposition’s wish come true. We, the people, would be indeed getting much more and higher value for the same money spent on 43 opposition MPs than it being otherwise wasted on yet another 43 same insipid, yes-sir, yes-sir, three bags full, PAP MPs.

And the most important bit, the piese de resistance, if you like:

Because of the presence of these 43 opposition MPs, the whole cabinet would be kept on its toe. For once we would have the million dollars ministers pulling their weights to earn their keeps. And also from thence, ministers would learn to refer to and address Singaporeans in more diplomatic and polite manners then hitherto is the case.

Wow! What an exciting thought. No more nasty remarks from the high and mighty!

N.B. The author has no affiliation with any political party. He was an admirer of the PAP until it became evident that it has changed beyond recognition and no longer bear any semblance to the party that he had originally once admired. He feels it his duty to point out that the country is going down the drain if current trends continue unarrested.



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  2. xtrocious says:

    Hear Hear…hahah

    Now that’s a sight to behold and savour 🙂

    Maybe then Singaporeans will be less politically apathetic

  3. Harry Lim says:

    Excellent article. I like the way you wrote it. Your analyses and suggestions are refreshing and enlightening. Our people should wake up now before it is too late. They should not be lulled by the $700 bribe to be given on 1 May 2011.

    Please circulate this for wider audience. On my part, I will inform my friends.

    Thanks for writing. Keep up the good works.

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