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Did The Minister Contradict His Ministry?

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“LAW MINISTER Mr K Shanmugam made clear on Sunday that the courts do not discriminate against individuals based on their nationality or any other grounds.

The processes take place according to the law, and the law ‘applies equally to everyone whether a foreigner or local, regardless of nationality and regardless of background and status’, he said.

His remarks, in response to questions from reporters, follow recent comments by lawyer M. Ravi, who was representing an American held here for overstaying.” -Straits Times, 25 Oct 2010

If the minister wants to be taken seriously for his remarks made in his capacity as a 2nd Minister for Home Affairs of Singapore, he should do some research within his own ministry before making his remarks.

Of course, he wasn’t a minister then when McCrea absconded to Australia after killing TWO people – a Singaporean and a Chinese national. McCrea, a foreigner, was eventually extradited from Australia to face trial after the Singapore Govt apparently ‘agreed’ to the Aussie govt’s condition for extradition which is that it would not extradite a person to a country where he faces the possibility of death penalty on conviction.

It would be enlightening to hear the minister’s explanation.


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